Atenk Company was founded in 1993 by father and son Yeritsyans. Starting with three types of sausage production, the company gradually enlarged both the products and the production volume.

When Adamyan brothers became the owners of the factory, major investments were made; European modern equipment and expanded production capacity were reached in 2009.

Currently Atenk is presenting more than 150 products in the market. Here you can see intertwined the traditional and the modern, national and European elements due to the company's proficient technologists and as a result the consumer is provided with meat products that have the characteristic taste of this wonderful brand.

“Gandzasar” brand was established in early 2014. With this brand the Company produces a variety of products at a lower price segment. Consumers also love this brand, despite the short timeframe.

Since May 2015, the company started production of intermediate products, which are produced and provided to consumers in both Atenk and Gandzasar brands.

Since its establishment, the company has participated in various exhibitions and competitions and has received numerous awards and certificates. Among them are:

-Government Award for quality in 2000,

-Government Diploma for high quality goods and services, achieving significant results and applying effective methods for quality control in 2000,

-Bronze medal for basturma and jerkii by World Food in Moscow in 2003,

-The diploma of Armenia's National Academy of Consumers for successes achieved in the field of meat production and providing quality products to consumers in 2008.

After the brand recognition in the internal market the Company ceased to participate in such events; however, the Company's further participation in the international festivals for introducing Armenian production is not excluded.