Atenk Company is using qualified meat, natural spices and ingredients, guided with the only mission to deliver sterling products to consumers. Although the work with natural ingredients is harder and longer, we have chosen this path, for the sake of accurate meat.

While the other big productions for smoking process are applying liquid smoke, we are implementing smoking process only with natural smoke for the sake of high quality and unique taste.

We are concerned not only about the laboratory research of meat used as a raw material, but also about the supervision of sanitary conditions of the production and storage.

All this is possible due to utilization of modern equipment, observance of international standards, quality control management system, environmental protection, maintenance of transparency for state inspection bodies and valuing of human factor.  


The use of modern equipment makes possible to constantly improve the production process in terms of time and quality. We cooperate with leading companies such as Alpina (Switzerland), Laska (Austria), Kramer-Greber (Germany), Vemag (Germany), Handtmann (Germany), Schaller (Germany).

Observance of international standards provides products and services with consistent high quality. It is mandatory in the production, storage and sales.

Management of quality control system

This group of standards are purposed for food safety management, detection and prevention of potential food hazards based on thorough analyzes. High level of our workshop hygiene, qualitative meat, spices and use of natural materials speak about our production quality.


Environmental protection

Our company has very serious attitude towards the protection of the environment. The use of modern equipment and production assembly lines are carried out under the supervision of a set of strict standards. Based on the above stated facts Atenk Company is ranked among the environmentally safe and non-waste industry.


Being transparent for the state control bodies

Being a law-abiding company, we work in accordance with legislation requirements. Within the period of our activities implementation, we provide commercial, technical and operational aspects of transparency. All this allows us to move quickly and confidently in line with modern innovations.


The human factor

Production efficiency greatly depends on good work of the staff, which means to ensure appropriate working terms and conditions such as:

- Strong security,

- Suitable clothing, required equipment and tools,

- Deserving salary,

- Professional interest satisfaction,

- Professional growth opportunity.