Raw Smoked Sausages

Only raw material and high-grade natural spices are used within the process of raw smoked sausage production. Mincemeat of sausage is prepared after careful research of raw materials and species. Ready mincemeat is formed in the membrane and sent for deposition. Then begins the long process of drying, which is realized in the warm cabins particularly for smoking process. Within the above stated process the smoking parameters of relative humidity and air temperature are strictly kept. The above stated process lasts 40 days. Exclusively natural wood is used in smoking process. Due to component raw material preparation, conscientious daily work and traditional production we provide consumers high-grade meat product. 



Raw dried sujukh with distinctive odor and taste belongs to traditional food. The production of this product consists of different stages such as raw material sorting and inspection, mincemeat preparation and design, drying and pressing. The above stated processes implementation, the bouquet of species can be provided only by our brand.



Raw Smoked Sausage Tourist
Raw Smoked Sausage Chorizo, pcs
Raw Smoked Sausage Mini Salyami, spicy, pcs
Raw Smoked Sausage Piquant
Raw Smoked Sausage Konyakov
Raw Smoked Sausage Leninakan
Raw Smoked Sudjukh
Raw Smoked Sausage Piquant, in vacuum packaging
Raw Smoked Sausage Leninakan, in vacuum packaging
Raw Smoked Sausage Konyakov, in vacuum packaging