Convenience Food

Preparations are made in a traditional way.  After sorting and inspecting of raw materials, they are mixed with natural spices and ingredients turning to homogeneous mass; the above stated process is followed by formation stage. The production passes cooling and packaging stages as well.

After formation, the chops are covered with liaison and breadcrumbs, these two processes help to maintain chops’ nutrient values. Production process is implemented in the environment of love and care provided by our employees, the consumer would feel that while preparing the product.  

Summer ikibir, 350g
Meat roll, 500g
Meat roll, kg
Cutlets Tnakan (homemade), 3/kg
Cutlets Tnakan (homemade), 450g
Cutlets Kiev, 3/5kg
Meat Dumplings Tnakan (Homemade), 450g
Meat Dumplings Rusakan (Russian), 450g
Meat Dumplings Rusakan (Russian), 5kg
Iqibir (armenian barbeque), chicken, on sticks
Iqibir (armenian barbeque), on sticks