Sliced assorted
Sliced meat products are distinguished with their comfort use. This method of packaging allows to keep all flavor and smell properties of the product. 

Sliced assortments produced by our company presented by such meat products as Bastourma, Sudjukh, Raw Smoked Sausage Konyakov and Raw Smoked Sausage Chorizo.
Raw Smoked Sausage Chorizo, sliced, 150g, pcs
Bastourma and Sudjukh, sliced, 150g, pcs
Raw Smoked Sausage Konyakov (with Cognac), sliced, 150g, pcs
Assorted, sliced, 150g, pcs
Raw Smoked Sudjukh, sliced, 100g, pcs
Meat delicacy Batsourma, sliced, 150g, pcs