Boiled Sausages

Company’s specialists have developed technological process of cooked sausages special with its reach taste while traditional production principals have been preserved. The production starts with raw material sorting and inspection, next step is mixing of raw materials, species, and other natural ingredients in order to form a homogeneous mass. Mincemeat preparation stage is followed by design stage of sausage where mincemeat is filled in membrane and is subjected to heating process. Based on membrane sorts the process passes through different stages. While heating sausages with natural membrane are dried, smoked with natural wood and boiled. At this last stage, sausages obtain their specific taste and smell. 

Boiled Sausage Nakhachashi (For Breakfast), Siroghakan, pcs
Boiled Sausage Nakhachashi (For Breakfast), Bjshkakan, pcs
Boiled Sausage Bjshkakan, extra
Boiled Sausage Siroghakan, extra
Boiled Sausage Siroghakan, thick
Boiled Sausage Siroghakan
Boiled Sausage Siroghakan, pcs
Boiled Sausage Bjshkakan
Boiled Sausage Bjshkakan, pcs
Boiled Sausage Bjshkakan, in the grid