Meat Delicacies

Our meals are distinguished with their special content, taste and smell due to the result of the traditional method of production. After the raw material is inspected and sorted, it is subjected to salting and massaging. Natural spices used in drying process has been improving within the time and are still in process. Prior rational properties are formed in the stage of this process. Then the product is subjected to heat treatment, which consists of drying, smoking and cooking processes. Smoking process is carried out exclusively with natural wood.


Very popular basturma is produced with the old traditional way. Production process begins with bone removal and tendon deduction. After examination of superior meat, the latter is salted in dry way. After salting, the meat is subjected to prolonged drying. The dried meat pieces are put in cumin paste and later dried. Taste of basturma is due to cumin paste content. Cumin paste made of carefully selected natural spices and garlic make it delicious and required product for us.



Meat delicacy Batsourma
Meat delicacy Batsourma, economy
Meat Delicacy Batsourma, with white rind
Meat Delicacy Neck, smoked
Meat Delicacy Fillet, smoked
Meat Delicacy Brisket, smoked
Meat Delicacy Porketta, Brisket, smoked
Meat Delicacy Ribs, smoked