Sausages / Wieners

Properly selected raw meat provides juiciness while various species provides taste for this class of product. Sausages offered by us have wide range of tastes from delicate milk to appetizing garlic. All traditions are preserved within the stages of production starting from receiving of raw materials to preparation of meat mixture, product design and heat refinement.

Consumers subject this group of meat products to secondary heating. This process must be done correctly in order to protect organoleptic features. Pour cold water into the boiler for secondary heating; put sausages in water, then put the boiler on the fire. As soon as the water starts to boil, wait 2-5 minutes, depending on the diameter of the heated food.

The feature is that the treatment stages of this product are different, depending on the sausage membrane. The natural smoking process plays important role in taste formation of natural membrane sausages, which makes the product more tasty and juicy.   

Sausage Hot Dog, chicken, in vacuum packaging, pcs
Sausage Hot Dog, slightly spicy, in vacuum packaging, pcs
Sausage Hot Dog, in vacuum packaging, pcs
Sausage Hot Dog, in vacuum packaging
Smoked Sausage, chicken, pcs
Sausage Katnayin, in natural casing
Wieners, in natural casing
Sausage American, frozen, pcs