Smoked Sausages

While implementing this process we use high-quality raw materials and species while preserving traditional stages created by our specialists. The production starts with raw material sorting and inspection. After careful research of raw materials and species, mincemeat of sausage is prepared. Ready mincemeat is formed in the membrane and sent for deposition.  After stage of deposition, sausages are dried, smoked, boiled and cold smoked. Exclusively natural wood is used in smoking process, while after double smoking processes our product are specified with tasty look and related smoking taste. This part of the process is under control of our specialists on daily bases. Besides smoked sausages, we also provide our customers boiled smoked sausages, which are special with natural rich spices. 

Smoked Sausage Slavonian
Smoked Sausage Kremlyovski
Smoked Sausage Vorsordakan, in natural case
Smoked sausage Armavir, kg
Smoked sausage Dilijan, pcs
Smoked sausage Ijevan, pcs
Smoked Sausage Krakovyan, in natural casing
Smoked Sausage Krakovyan, special, in natural casing
Smoked Sausage Servelat, in the grid
Smoked Sausage Gyumri
Smoked Sausage Finnakan, 200/500g
Smoked Sausage Salyami
Smoked sausage servelat, pcs
Smoked sausage Vanadzor, kg
Smoked sausage Rusakan, pcs