Potatoes with ham and sausage

Potatoes with Ham and sausage


Ham Atenk     

100 g

Smoked sausage Atenk      

100 g

Big potatoes

3 pcs


2 ts


2 ts


40 g

Dill, parsley


Spices, Garlic



Wash the potatoes, dry  them,  then wrap  with  the salt and flour mixture. Fry the potatoes in the oven for 1 hour and 200 C temperature. While the potatoes  will be ready in the oven slice ham and smoked sausage of Atenk company in small slices. Cut the dill, parsley  mix them  with butter, then put in  the  cold storage for freezing. Cut the  upper  part of the potato and remove the pulp. Then add the mass of  dill, parsley    with butter,  the mass with  ham  and sausages. Add spices  and garlic. The mass fill in the potatoes and then serve the dish.